Engage students with a first-hand glimpse into agriculture using lessons and activities that bring to life critical issues such as sustainability, the new science behind farming, and entrepreneurship. Designed for grades 9 through 12, the downloadable lesson plans are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and agribusiness standards under the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc). Companion activities are provided to extend the impact of the program's customized lesson plans.

360° Videos
Step into a farm without ever leaving the classroom and get a deeper look into the lives of farm animals with 360° video experiences.

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The Industry of Farming

Educated Consumers

Challenges in Farming and Ranching

Modern Farmers and Ranchers: Breaking Down Stereotypes

Professional Careers in Farming and Ranching

Farming as an Industry

Students will examine how agriculture has evolved into today’s modern farming and ranching industry. They will analyze data to construct explanations around environmental dependencies in agriculture, and investigate how agricultural products are developed in the U.S.

Educated Consumers

Students will investigate case studies that highlight media influence of agricultural demand and the impact on farmers and ranchers. They will establish a common understanding of the term "trend" to examine how foods become popular and who decides this, if anyone, and how different groups of people respond.

Breaking Down Stereotypes

Using strategies such as mind mapping, questioning, and group discussions, students will explore common stereotypes around farmers and ranchers. Students will compare traditional views of farmers and ranchers with real-world modern examples.

Challenges in Farming and Ranching

Students consider the challenge that farmers and ranchers face and the impact of those challenges on the availability of food, the financial well-being of farms and ranches, and the ways in which new technology can enhance agricultural practices.

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